Groundbreaking Swiss nanotechnology available for the first time in a range of exciting new products

NANOMITE and  Replicating The Lotus Effect:

Lotus plants have superhydrophobic surfaces: water droplets falling onto them bead up and, if the surface slopes slightly, will roll off. As a result, the surfaces stay dry even during a heavy shower. What’s more, the droplets pick up small particles of dirt as they roll, so that the lotus leaves are self-cleaning.

The effect arises because lotus leaves have a very fine surface structure and are coated with hydrophobic wax crystals of around 1 nm in diameter. Surfaces that are rough on a nanoscale tend to be more hydrophobic than smooth surfaces because of the reduced contact area between the water and solid. In the lotus plant, the actual contact area is only 2-3% of the droplet-covered surface.

Nanomite has perfected silicate and carbon base nano particles and every particle contains a positive charge that can create a uniform nano layer for up to 3 months of protection of any surface.

Developed in Switzerland, NANOMITE™ uses Positively Charged Organic Carbon & Silicate Nano-Particles that Deliver Major Benefits:

  • NANOMITE Cleans: thoroughly & protects against build-up of dirt
  • NANOMITE Protects: against oxidation and corrosion
  • NANOMITE is Temperature Resistant: from – 40° C to + 300° C (- 40° F to + 572° F)
  • NANOMITE Disinfects: all surfaces to a high degree
  • NANOMITE Seals: for extended periods
  • NANOMITE is Safe: is non-toxic & environmentally safe
  • NANOMITE Shines: enhances the shine and luster of any smooth surface up to 100%
  • NANOMITE is UV resistance: for months & pH 7 Neutral