Nano Technology Defined: Man’s continued research into ways to improve the performance of existing technologies, has recently evolved into the realm of nano technology. Based on the prefix “nano”, which means one billionth, nano technology refers to the creation and manipulation of particles one billionth the size of a meter.

To put it in perspective, one nanometer is roughly 1/90,000th the width of a human hair. When it comes to surface care, the benefits of nano technology over conventional products are vast. Products can be created for cleaning, polishing and protecting that provide undisputed results superior to conventional non-nano products.

The most obvious benefit occurs in fluids using nano-sized particles. By utilizing smaller building blocks, nano-based fluids can coat and fill microscopic surface recesses thereby providing superior cleaning, coating and protective properties. They can even help to remove minor surface imperfections.

Through increased surface contact, and adding positive charges, nano materials in nano-based fluids also attain better anchorage – that is, they stick to surfaces better for longer lasting results. Think of it as filling a hole with sand instead of large rocks. The sand is able to fill every contour of the hole, providing a smooth, even surface. While the rocks on the other hand, will have dramatically less contact with the lining of the hole leaving some cracks and corners unfilled. The result is significantly reduced surface tension and friction.

As a result of their ability to penetrate much deeper than traditional solutions, nano-based fluids are able to re-generate surfaces leaving them looking and feeling more like new. Surfaces are smoother and cleaner, and resist the re-attachment of dirt, grease, oil and grime. NANOMITE™ products provide laboratory formulated cleaning, sealing and protective coating solutions based on the latest research in Nano Technology from Switzerland.

Engineered Nanoscopic material particles (10-9 in size) of carbon and silicate provide an invisible layer of protection on surfaces to which NANOMITE™ is applied. The use of NANOMITE™ products delivers a number of beneficial effects, including thorough cleaning, increasing shine up to 100%, and sealing a surface for prolonged periods thereby providing long lasting protection from the re-attachment of dirt, grease, grime, and corrosion.

All NANOMITE™ Ingredients are Environmentally Friendly and Bio-Degradable. NANOMITE™ products contain no chemicals, waxes, enzymes, or acids. Instead, their secret formulas contain positively charged surface activated Iso and Copolymers that form a long-lasting, very smooth and extremely dirt, grime and water repellent surface that increases shine and lustre by up to 100%.

NANOMITE™ products are great for Jewellery, TV and Computer Screens, Golf Equipment, Eye wear and Optics, as well as for Vehicle, Motorbike, Boat or Aeroplane cleaning and protection. Our Leather, Furniture, Glass, and Sanitizer products are raved over by Building Maintenance Professionals. NANOMITE™ gives outstanding results that the user can instantly see, and protection that last for months.