Q: Do any of the NANOMITE™ products contain petroleum products?
No, NANOMITE™ prides itself on being biodegradable and environmentally safe. Unlike many products that contain petroleum additives or petrochemicals, NANOMITE™ contains only carbon and silicate nano particles that are blended with – and suspended in – non-toxic, non-petroleum, hypoallergenic and enzyme free accepted natural additives that include ultra pure de-ionized water.

Q: Will NANOMITE™ products protect from the harsh rays of the sun?
Yes, all NANOMITE™ products provide surfaces with a protective coating that shields it from the harmful effects of Ultra Violet (UV) rays.

Q: Can I paint over surfaces that have been treated or cleaned with NANOMITE™ products?
Surfaces treated with NANOMITE™ will provide protection even against the attachment of paint molecules. Therefore, before painting a surface that has been treated with NANOMITE™, you must first remove the nano particles with an alkali cleaner (pH factor of 11 or higher), then paint it the normal manner.

Q: Are NANOMITE™ products safe for any surface?
Yes, you can use any of the products on any surface. If you are not convinced, try the NANOMITE™ application on a small surface area of the material you desire to treat before widely applying it.

Q: I am worried about surface oxidation. Can NANOMITE™ products help to prevent surface oxidation?
Yes, NANOMITE™ products will protect for prolonged periods against the build-up of surface oxidation. However, if surfaces are already oxidized, NANOMITE™ is not formulated to completely remove surface oxidation. The key is to use NANOMITE™ products with their protective coating properties BEFORE oxidation can attack surfaces. In this way, NANOMITE™ will deliver outstanding preventative results. Beyond surface oxidation, NANOMITE™ products can easily protect surfaces against the harmful effects of weather, most acids, and solvents.

Q: Will NANOMITE™ products make surfaces smooth?
NANOMITE™ products leave a smooth mono-layer of dust and dirt resistant nano particles on surfaces to which it is applied, dramatically reducing surface tension and making the surface feel much smoother to the touch.

Q: Are NANOMITE™ products water and dirt resistant?

Yes, this is one of the major benefits of using NANOMITE™. As a benefit of the coating and prolonged protective properties of our nano particles, surfaces repel liquids and dirt. Surfaces that have been treated with NANOMITE™ will “bead” liquids and cause them to easily roll off. Dirt, oil, grease and grime will also be much easier to remove, often just by wiping the surface with a clean dry cloth.

Q: How long will the positive effects of Nanomite last?
The prolonged positive effects of NANOMITE™ come from the engineered, positively charged, nano particles in our formulas. We have independently measured in Swiss laboratories that the positive charges, and the beneficial effects that they deliver, can last for up to 3 months. While we recommend regular re-application of NANOMITE™, you will easily notice the product’s long lasting benefits.

Q: Will the surface build up with product like wax?
No, NANOMITE™ only coats surfaces with an invisible nanoscopic mono-layer of particles. This is one of the benefits of our range of products such that you will never see any layering or buildup of material regardless of the amount of applications done or product used.

Q: Will NANOMITE™ products provide protection against extreme ambient temperatures?
Yes, NANOMITE™ products have been independently tested in Swiss laboratories to provide surface protection between a temperature range of -40 degrees celsius to +300 degrees celsius.