is one of the most technologically advanced nano-polymer liquid spray treatment products in the world today. It uses a new east to apply nano-polymer formula that cleans, shines and protects surfaces of All Types in one easy step.

With NANOMITE ULTIMATE SHINE there is No Need to Polish or Wax Ever Again. Surfaces are protected for prolonged periods, and shine and luster is increased by up to 100%.

NANOMITE  ULTIMATE SHINE applies a thin layer of positively charged nano-polymer particles to surfaces. The nano-particles penetrate dirt, oil, grease and grime, and attach to form an invisible single layer of nano protection.

NANOMITE  ULTIMATE SHINE can be safely applied to any solid surface such as Glass, Fiberglass, Painted Surfaces, Chrome, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Porcelain, etc.